Dirty Face

Dirty Face is a line of beauty products named after the Shel Silverstein poem of the same name. When conceptualizing an identity for this brand, I wanted to incorporate different elements from the poem. The vintage-styled imagery is taken directly from each line, mirroring the whimsical, playful tone of Silverstein’s work. Dirty Face is a brand for environmentally conscious consumers, using only all natural ingredients, and designed for those who care about what goes in and on their body.



+  Brand Strategy 

+  Logo & Identity Development

+  Packaging

Goals for
Dirty Face

1  |   Capture the whimsical feeling of the poem and incorporate it into the brand identity

2  |   Create eye catching packaging that will attract consumers in the beauty aisle

3   |   Balance the playful voice of the brand with modern, industrial touches

Proposed Logos