EarthPlanter is a top-selling, commercial self-watering planter that provides huge benefit to businesses. Commercial properties from University of New Hampshire to Downtown Bethesda, MD all use EarthPlanters. The owner approached me for a fresh and clean revamp of the company’s identity. To start, I presented a variety of moodboards that reflected the sophistication and professionalism that encompasses the EarthPlanter brand. The website redesign aimed to organize information and educate potential customers in a user-friendly environment.


+  Brand Strategy 

+  Logo & Identity Development

+  Web Design

+  Social Media

Goals for
EarthPlanter Rebrand

1  |   Update old branding to a simplified and clean identity

2  |   Help users understand how EarthPlanter can benefit them.
Make obtaining a custom quote a seamless and easy.

3   |   Showcase the quality of product through customer galleries

Proposed New Logos


Web Design

This project started by moving all existing content to WordPress and mapping out an organized user-flow. Engaging imagery and defined paths for various potential clients was a huge priority. Visuals that evoked stability, family and success were chosen to support the underlying themes of working with Karpus.