Karpus Investment Management

I was introduced to Karpus when they expressed a need for a drastically improved web experience and redesign. For this project, I partnered with my close friend, colleague and Digital Marketing Analyst, Lindsay Reardon. Our work began with a custom style sheet that included a clean and professional refresh of their current identity. We focused thoroughly on all potential investors and presented data the Karpus audience would engage with. We established a trustworthy and reputable user experience designed to attract future investors. Thanks to these improvements, Karpus has gained 3x more web traffic in less than 6 months.

Project Specifications:

Goals for
Karpus Rebrand

1  |   Refine and refresh old logo to create a clean and modern identity

2  |   Create a successful user experience that answers questions clearly for potential clients

3   |   Develop onboarding marketing materials for new clients

New Logos

For the proposed new logos, I wanted to update the Karpus triangle and modernize the text. I drew inspiration from trending financial startup logos and banks, resulting in a final product that’s clean and professional while still keeping the spirit of the Karpus brand.


Web Design

This project started by moving all existing content to WordPress and mapping out an organized user-flow. Engaging imagery and defined paths for various potential clients was a huge priority. Visuals that evoked stability, family and success were chosen to support the underlying themes of working with Karpus.

Our solution was to break down each potential investor into separate pages, making information accessible and clear.