True Fit

True Fit 


  • Art Direction
  • Industry Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Environmental Design
  • Website Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Support

True Fit is a pioneering software company at the forefront of fashion technology. They harness the power of data analytics and machine learning to redefine how shoppers discover clothing and footwear that fits their unique style and body shape. Their innovative solutions optimize the online shopping experience, reduce returns, and help retailers make fashion more sustainable. 

Over the course of 11 remarkable years at True Fit, I embarked on an inspiring journey that took me from an eager intern to the role of Art Director. My tenure at this cutting-edge software company allowed me to hone my skills, cultivate my creativity, and take on diverse and impactful projects that contributed significantly to the company’s growth and reputation.

Below is a brief selection of my work from my time at True Fit. I’m readily available to offer more details or provide additional samples upon request.

60 State Street Elevator Lobby

White Papers

White papers served as a cornerstone of our thought leadership efforts, and I had the privilege of getting really creative with them. These in-depth reports explored a wide range of topics, from delving into the intricacies of data science in the fashion world to examining the latest trends in the industry.

The diversity of subjects spanned from in-depth explorations of the history of clothing sizes to comprehensive cataloging of the world’s favorite apparel and footwear brands. One of the most exciting aspects of working on these white papers was the opportunity to explore the intersections of technology, fashion, and data in innovative and visually compelling ways.

Inside Gen Z’s Favorite Brands   |    2023      

For instance, a 2023 White Paper explored the fascinating ways in which Gen Z is reshaping the fashion industry. These are select clips from this report, showcasing how this generation’s preferences and behaviors are influencing the future of fashion. 

Case Studies

Crafting compelling case studies was a pivotal part of my role at True Fit. These in-depth explorations of our successful partnerships and innovative projects showcased the real-world impact of our technology. I took pride in distilling complex information into visually engaging narratives that effectively communicated our achievements to clients and partners.

True Fit Office Headquarters

60 State Street, Downtown Boston

The aesthetics of our corporate office headquarters were a reflection of our company culture and identity. I was responsible for designing all the graphics that adorned our office spaces, ensuring a visually cohesive and inspiring environment for our team.

Every design element in our corporate office served a purpose, from the motivational quotes strategically placed in communal areas to the informative graphics that communicated our company’s milestones and growth. It was about fostering a sense of belonging and pride among our employees. The office design was more than just decoration; it was a visual testament to the passion, dedication, and creativity that defined our company.

Tradeshow Booth Art Direction & Design: 

True Fit’s presence at industry events was a vital aspect of our outreach. Over the years, I had the privilege of art directing and designing captivating tradeshow booths that not only attracted attention but also effectively communicated our brand and offerings to a wide audience.

These booths weren’t just displays; they were captivating experiences. We transformed them into fashion runways, featuring models who strutted their stuff while raising money for charities like Dress for Success. Over the years, I played a pivotal role in supporting our creative endeavors at numerous trade shows and events, making a statement that blended technology, style, and philanthropy.